Olojo Festival 2018 Program

The annual programme for the Olojo Festival is calling on sons and daughters  from all part of Yoruba land to consider the historical event as an avenue to promote and showcase their cultural strength to the world. 

TUESDAy  18th  September

  • Gbajure Cultural Carnival

Wednesday 19th September

  • Cultural Summit on Festival Theme
  • Cultural Trade / Art Exhibition, opening Ceremony

Monday 24th September 

  • Festival Quiz Competition Final

Tuesday 25th  September

  • Ooni's Football Challenge Final

Wednesday  26th  September

  • Ayo Olopon Traditional Game

thursday 27th September

  • Festival Fashion Show
  • The Yoruba Cultural Entertainment Night
  • Festival Musical Concert

Friday 28th September 

  • Ojo Ilagun, Iwode Ile-Ife (Community Cleansing)
  • Oonirisa Message to the World
  • Olojo Festival Ankara Carnival

saturday 29th  september

  • Ojo Okemogun, The Are's Cultural Procession

sunday 30th September 

  • Ojo Ajoyo (Asekagba)
  • The Olojo Ceremonial Grand Finale

monday 1st  october

  • Ojo Ibile (Oonirisa Ancestral Traditional Propitiation)
  • Cultural Trade / Art Exhibition, Closing Ceremony